Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tandoori Naan

In most of the restaurants when you order north Indian food there is one thing in common and that is TANDOORI NAAN which is the bread or chapati baked in tandoor (clay oven). There is nothing which can't be eaten with tandoori naan. 

There are many restaurants in north India where you can order tandoori naan with delicious makhani daal, shahi paneer, sarso ka saag, malai kofta and many more. From small dhabas to five star restaurants you can find your favorite butter naan, tandoori naan, tandoori roti and lots of other varieties.

We got to know that Mr. Prem Raj one of the oldest clay tandoor maker and manufacturer is continuously supplying these clay oven (tandoors) to most of the restaurants in Delhi-NCR for a long time. They later established a company called Ram Chander & Sons with new innovative ideas to deliver their products to multi-starer restaurants in Delhi. 

In order to expand their business they showed their presence online at http://www.buytandoors.com and exported their products outside India. Ram Chander & Sons not only preserved the Indian culture to cook food in clay pots but also they defined a new path of success.

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