Saturday, 28 September 2013

Brief introduction of tandoors

Clay Tandoor
Today in market there is a lot of demand for clay ovens (basically called Tandoors in India). These types of tandoors are not actually ovens but called so because of very high temperature to roast the food.


In India Tandoors(clay ovens) are used to cook the following things -

1. Seek Kabab

Stainless Steel Body Tandoor
2. Tandoori murga
3. Naan
4. Tandoori roti (chapati)
3. Chicken tikka
4. Mutton tikka
5. Paneer tikka
6. Chicken kabab
7. Lachcha parantha
8. Alu naan
9. Paneer naan
10. Rumali roti
and many other things depending on your cooking abilities.

All about tandoors -

Rope Body Tandoor

A tandoor is made of clay and is wrapped in the solid container made of iron, stainless steel, copper or some heavy metal which can provide it some protection from outside. The outer body of the tandoor can be round or square in shape but the inner clay body can only be round in shape. Tandoor manufacturers provides tandoors in various sizes which varies from 17 inch height * 15 inch width to 36 inch height * 34 inch width.

Where to buy tandoors -

There are a lot of tandoor manufacturers and sellers. But I would prefer you to buy tandoors from one of the leading and old manufacturers of tandoors Ram Chander & Sons. Yes I agree that their site is not too attractive and they don't provide you to make payment online but the product they deliver is one of the best in quality.

Please go through the following website:

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