Wednesday 15 July 2015

Inside Tandoor

Tandoor (clay oven) is just a big clay pot which is used to bake chapati(bread) through its inner layer. From outside it is simply a clay pot. In order to beautify it is packed in various types of containers. These containers come in different shapes and sizes for e.g. square stainless steel container, round stainless steel container, mild steel container, iron drum, copper container, brass container, rope container etc.

Packing of Tandoor:
  • First of all clay tandoor is put inside the desired drum of matching size.
  • A small hole for vantilation of air is created in both the clay tandoor and the container and a small gate is provided to adjust the air pressure.
  • Glass-wool is filled inside the gap between the tandoor and container, as a heat insulator.
  • Tandoor is covered from the top.
  • Tandoor is kept at high temperature from inside for some time in order make it ready for use.
  • (Optional) It is packed inside wooden case to be shipped.

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