Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kitchen View

Have you seen chefs cooking food in an open kitchen while you are having your lunch in a decent restaurant. Yes, you are right, I am talking about open kitchen where people want to see how much hard work a chef is doing to prepare their order in a beautiful elegant way. Every item in kitchen should be neat and clean, well managed and if possible stylish.

Smart ovens, multi-door refrigerators, thousand types of vessels, stylish gas burners and much more to attract the crowd who love transparency.

Most of the kitchens in India specially north, you will see a big hot furnace known as Tandoor to roast meat, cheese and bake the bread (known as naan in India).

Tandoor don't look so cool in thier native form. They are made up of clay initially. But in order to make them more stylish, they are usually put in various type of containers. These containers are then polished to make them presentable in any open kitchen.

When a clay tandoor is fitted in any container it is named according to type and shape of the container. For e.g.

Clay Tandoor
Drum Tandoor

Rope Tandoor 
Copper Barrel Tandoor

MS Round Tandoor

MS Square Tandoor
SS Taper Tandoor
SS Round Gas Tandoor
SS Square Tandoor
Gas Tandoors
There is a company named Ram Chander & Sons who is constantly trying hard to deliver stylish tandoors to various kitchen outlets, dhabas, restaurants and many big hotels.

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