Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kitchen View

Have you seen chefs cooking food in an open kitchen while you are having your lunch in a decent restaurant. Yes, you are right, I am talking about open kitchen where people want to see how much hard work a chef is doing to prepare their order in a beautiful elegant way. Every item in kitchen should be neat and clean, well managed and if possible stylish.

Smart ovens, multi-door refrigerators, thousand types of vessels, stylish gas burners and much more to attract the crowd who love transparency.

Most of the kitchens in India specially north, you will see a big hot furnace known as Tandoor to roast meat, cheese and bake the bread (known as naan in India).

Tandoor don't look so cool in thier native form. They are made up of clay initially. But in order to make them more stylish, they are usually put in various type of containers. These containers are then polished to make them presentable in any open kitchen.

When a clay tandoor is fitted in any container it is named according to type and shape of the container. For e.g.

Clay Tandoor
Drum Tandoor

Rope Tandoor 
Copper Barrel Tandoor

MS Round Tandoor

MS Square Tandoor
SS Taper Tandoor
SS Round Gas Tandoor
SS Square Tandoor
Gas Tandoors
There is a company named Ram Chander & Sons who is constantly trying hard to deliver stylish tandoors to various kitchen outlets, dhabas, restaurants and many big hotels.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

SS tandoor - Stainless Steel Tandoor

Stainless steel Tandoor is a clay tandoor contained within stainless steel container. Stainless steel container doesn't get rusted in comparison to iron or mild steel containers. Also stainless steel container looks stylish with its sparkling shining surface in comparison to other containers.

Shapes: SS(Stainleas steel) Tandoor comes in 4 standard shapes -

Cylindrical shape - also called round top.
Cylindrical Shape
    Cubical shape - also called square top.
    Cubical Shape

    Barrel shape - It is round top but the width of top and bottom are smaller than middle.

    Barrel Shape

    Taper shape - It is square top but the top is slightly slanted.

    Taper Shape

    Prices: SS Tandoor is slightly costlier than other tandoors because of its costly SS container. Price ranges from 5000 to 30000.

    Sizes: SS Tandoor comes in various standard sizes. (Size can also be customized according to the requirements of customer). To give you a rough idea, here is the size/price catalog of Round SS Tandoor -

    Diameter (inch)
    Height (inch)
    Cost (INR)
    Weight (kg)
    Small SS Round
    (Note: Price may vary from company to company)

    SS Tandoor is the most preferable choice among various big restaurants and hotels. It is also seen that now a days people buy small SS Tandoor also known as Ghar Vaste for small functions and parties. Some people also enjoy their chef skills on these small SS Tandoors. Specially Punjabis are fond of tandoori naan, seek kabab, tandoori chicken, tandoori paneer tikka and lot of other delicious recipes that can be roasted in tandoor.

    To meet the trending requirements of customers gas fitting is also provided with all types of tandoors these days.

    Gas Fitting in Stainless Steel Tandoors
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    Friday, 17 July 2015

    Chulah - A type of clay stove

    From a long time, Indians used to cook food in a small clay half cylindrical shaped furnace called chulah. They used wood, coal or uplah(waste of cow) as fuel in the chulah.

    This idea evolved and took the shape of tandoor which is cylindrical in shape with a small round mouth on the top. Now tandoor became popular to cook food in fast food restaurants also known as dhaba in India.

    Now a days chulahs has been replaced by gas ovens in most of the kitchens in India. Although a big part of the country in rural areas uses chulahs in their kitchens. People also use Angithi in most of the houses which looks like small tandoor.

    Out of Chulah, Angithi and Tandoor, Tandoor is used for commercial purposes in dhaba, restaurants and many big hotels in India as well as in other countries. Tandoor is very popular among punjabi people that is why it is exported in large quantities from India to Canada. 

    Now several tandoor manufacturers are there in India who can provide you tandoors in foreign land as well. One of the oldest manufacturers are Ram Chander & Sons who provide you one of best hand made tandoors. The founder of the company was late Mr. Ram Chander. Now the company is managed by their three sons Mr. Prem raj, Mr. Dinesh kumar and Mr. Naveen kumar. After the successful growth of the company tandoors are still made by hands of the three sons  which is why this company is different from other companies who provide tandoors.

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    Wednesday, 15 July 2015

    Inside Tandoor

    Tandoor (clay oven) is just a big clay pot which is used to bake chapati(bread) through its inner layer. From outside it is simply a clay pot. In order to beautify it is packed in various types of containers. These containers come in different shapes and sizes for e.g. square stainless steel container, round stainless steel container, mild steel container, iron drum, copper container, brass container, rope container etc.

    Packing of Tandoor:
    • First of all clay tandoor is put inside the desired drum of matching size.
    • A small hole for vantilation of air is created in both the clay tandoor and the container and a small gate is provided to adjust the air pressure.
    • Glass-wool is filled inside the gap between the tandoor and container, as a heat insulator.
    • Tandoor is covered from the top.
    • Tandoor is kept at high temperature from inside for some time in order make it ready for use.
    • (Optional) It is packed inside wooden case to be shipped.

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    Tuesday, 14 July 2015

    Tandoori Naan

    In most of the restaurants when you order north Indian food there is one thing in common and that is TANDOORI NAAN which is the bread or chapati baked in tandoor (clay oven). There is nothing which can't be eaten with tandoori naan. 

    There are many restaurants in north India where you can order tandoori naan with delicious makhani daal, shahi paneer, sarso ka saag, malai kofta and many more. From small dhabas to five star restaurants you can find your favorite butter naan, tandoori naan, tandoori roti and lots of other varieties.

    We got to know that Mr. Prem Raj one of the oldest clay tandoor maker and manufacturer is continuously supplying these clay oven (tandoors) to most of the restaurants in Delhi-NCR for a long time. They later established a company called Ram Chander & Sons with new innovative ideas to deliver their products to multi-starer restaurants in Delhi. 

    In order to expand their business they showed their presence online at http://www.buytandoors.com and exported their products outside India. Ram Chander & Sons not only preserved the Indian culture to cook food in clay pots but also they defined a new path of success.

    Saturday, 28 September 2013

    Brief introduction of tandoors

    Clay Tandoor
    Today in market there is a lot of demand for clay ovens (basically called Tandoors in India). These types of tandoors are not actually ovens but called so because of very high temperature to roast the food.


    In India Tandoors(clay ovens) are used to cook the following things -

    1. Seek Kabab

    Stainless Steel Body Tandoor
    2. Tandoori murga
    3. Naan
    4. Tandoori roti (chapati)
    3. Chicken tikka
    4. Mutton tikka
    5. Paneer tikka
    6. Chicken kabab
    7. Lachcha parantha
    8. Alu naan
    9. Paneer naan
    10. Rumali roti
    and many other things depending on your cooking abilities.

    All about tandoors -

    Rope Body Tandoor

    A tandoor is made of clay and is wrapped in the solid container made of iron, stainless steel, copper or some heavy metal which can provide it some protection from outside. The outer body of the tandoor can be round or square in shape but the inner clay body can only be round in shape. Tandoor manufacturers provides tandoors in various sizes which varies from 17 inch height * 15 inch width to 36 inch height * 34 inch width.

    Where to buy tandoors -

    There are a lot of tandoor manufacturers and sellers. But I would prefer you to buy tandoors from one of the leading and old manufacturers of tandoors Ram Chander & Sons. Yes I agree that their site is not too attractive and they don't provide you to make payment online but the product they deliver is one of the best in quality.

    Please go through the following website: